Security Alarm System vs. Security CCTV Camera; Which one should I install to secure my home?

Whether you’re a homeowner or renter in Sydney, one of the most crucial aspects is keeping your property and family safe. You want to protect loved ones and possessions from burglars, intruders and other hazards. Two of the most common systems for protecting buildings are alarm systems and security cameras. You can install either of these systems in your home, and they will monitor your property for potential intrusions. However, it’s sometimes tricky to understand the differences between the two options.

Alarm systems and security cameras have several notable differences. By understanding how each one works, choosing the right solution becomes easier.

Here is an overview of the differences between security alarms and security cameras, and how to choose the right solution.

Security Alarm System

A basic security alarm is an intrusion detection system that emits a loud noise when an unauthorized person enters a premise. Depending on the type of input devices connected to the alarm system, it can detect movement or the opening of windows and doors in a home, where most intruders enter a property. It can also send messages to your mobile phone or a monitoring centre.

Security alarm systems can act as a powerful deterrent to home intrusions. The noise emitted by an alarm system can scare off criminals, making them look for an easier target. A home security alarm system can provide an immediate response to a security breach and alert you, your neighbours, and authorities to act.

In addition to intrusion detection, security alarm systems can be equipped with smoke sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, and water leak detectors. Therefore, installing a security alarm system at home can provide an additional layer of safety against fire and environmental hazards.

Moreover, panic buttons can be part of a security alarm system. A simple push of the button will sound the siren and alerts you and monitoring centre to act in emergency.

Security CCTV Camera

Security CCTV systems are surveillance cameras you can install in many areas around your home. Unlike alarm systems that react only when triggered, security cameras provide 24/7 surveillance, constantly giving you a watchful eye over your property. You can monitor your property and surroundings and check up on deliveries whether you are home or away, through local monitors, computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

When it comes to intrusion, security cameras are usually visible and can act as a deterrent to potential intruders. The presence of security cameras can prevent illegal activities around your home, deter criminals, and discourage burglars from targeting your property.

In the case of a burglary, the camera footage can display the intruder and the time of the break-in. You can also watch exactly what occurred on the video recording. The footage can be handed over to the police for investigation and prosecution. Recordings can be used as evidence for insurance claims, providing proof of the break-in and the items stolen. This can help homeowners recover their losses and provide peace of mind. CCTV systems can also provide evidence for other types of incidents, such as accidents or vandalism, making them a useful tool for protecting your property and assets.

Security CCTV Camera vs. Security Alarm System

A security alarm serves as the first line of defence, activating immediately if someone tries to break into your home. Whether you’re home or away, even if the telephone line is cut or the internet is down, the siren will sound, and the strobe light will flash, drawing attention from you, your neighbours, and passersby. In most cases, burglars will not take the risk of proceeding further, which is exactly the desired outcome.

On the other hand, a CCTV security camera is primarily used for surveillance rather than immediate security. It records footage that can help identify culprits and gather evidence after an incident has occurred.

Security alarm systems offer a proactive approach with real-time alerts and immediate responses, whereas security cameras are ideal for continuous monitoring and reviewing events.


Installing a security alarm system is essential for protecting your property and loved ones. A security camera enhances surveillance capabilities and acts as a powerful deterrent against intruders. Additionally, it can be instrumental in prosecuting criminals and supporting insurance claims. While installing a security alarm is a vital first step, complementing it with a CCTV security camera ensures a comprehensive and robust security system.

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