Security Alarm System Installation in Blacktown NSW – BOSCH 3000

The old security alarm system of a house in Blacktown was replaced with a Bosch Solution 3000 security alarm system.

All zones were hardwired. After removing the old components, all cables were tested and labeled. All detectors were replaced with Bosch hardwired PIR motion detectors.

A Bosch wireless receiver was added to the security system, enabling the customer to arm and disarm the system using remote key fobs. Additionally, as the system is connected to the Internet through a Bosch IP module, the customer can monitor their home security system via a mobile app.

At the end, the security alarm system was tested, and the customer was trained to use the system.

Bosch Home Security Alarm System Installation in Blacktown

4 Cassia Grove,
Phone: 1300224464
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