Home Security System Installation in Killara NSW

A customer from Killara called requesting a site inspection and a quote. During my visit, I learned that they had experienced a break-in the previous night. Surprisingly, the house was equipped with a security system. Upon speaking with the customer, I discovered that the alarm had triggered many false alarms over the years, leading the customer to disable it. This provided an opportunity for the burglars to break in.

The main reason for the false alarms was the incorrect placement of motion detectors. Additionally, the wireless receiver was installed under the house, resulting in a weak signal for the wireless motion detectors. To resolve these issues, the alarm system was replaced with a Bosch security system.

We ran cables to the appropriate locations and installed the wireless receiver centrally on the premises, ensuring strong signal reception for all wireless motion detectors. New PIR motion detectors were installed in the correct locations. The system was thoroughly tested, and the customer was trained on using the newly installed home security alarm system.

Wireless Bosch Security Alarm System Replaced With Bosch 3000 Killara

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