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A security system keeps your family and valuables safe and gives you complete peace of mind whether you are at home or away. No two homes are the same in Sydney, so we work with you to tailor a smart solution which exactly suits your requirements and lifestyle.

Home Security Alarm System Installation Sydney

At Piosec only latest wired and wireless equipment from the most trusted brands, which have a proven record of reliability and are quality assured are utilized to give you peace of mind. Moreover, it is important to have your home security alarm system designed and installed by a company that is certified by the alarm manufacturer. Piosec technicians are trained and certified by Bosch and Hikvision as the two most trusted brands in the field of security systems in Australia.

Please contact us to arrange a free visit. We will perform a site inspection to build an in-depth knowledge of potential security threats and you will receive our obligation free quotation

Home Security Alarm System Installation Sydney

Security Alarm Protection Types

All external windows and doors are equipped with appropriate sensors and detectors. Any intruder trying to break in would be detected before entering the protected area. It allows the system to be armed during night time and provide you with peace of mind when you are asleep.

Movement sensors are installed within the protected area. The alarm sounds when an intruder manages to break in and is within the protected area. The system typically cannot be armed while the property is in use for example night time.

The combination of Perimeter Protection and Internal Protection will result in Total Protection. By right configuration when the property is in use, only perimeter sensors are activated and when you leave home all sensors would be enabled.

Wired or Wireless

Two types of communications can be imagined when talking about an alarm system. The first type is the internal communication between the main panel and other components such as motion detectors installed within a property. The second type is the communication between the main panel and the outside world i.e. an alarm monitoring room.
If your home doesn’t have a security system pre-installed, internally wireless systems can solve several problems. You won’t have to worry about drilling holes or making other modifications, so wireless is an attractive option for renters, historic homes, double or multi storey houses and wherever no pre-wiring exists. Renters or homeowners who change residence will also be able to take advantage of the portability of most wireless systems—simply disconnect and reconnect at your new address. Wireless Alarm Systems provide the benefit of portability and ease of installation but do result in the requirement to change alarm sensor batteries periodically.
Wireless detectors can be a significant distance away from the control panel which makes them the best option when your garage or granny flat is separated from the main building.
We use only high quality long-life batteries in our Wireless Alarm installations. The batteries for each detector has been known to last up to 5 years.
When it comes to the communication between an alarm system and the outside world, the most common setup combines hardwired and wireless, with a hardwired telephone line or an Ethernet cable connected to your modem as the primary connection and a cellular(GSM) backup in case the phone line or modem goes down (or are cut).

Typical Components of a Home Security Alarm System

Home Security Alarm Installation Plan
Home Security Alarm Installation Plan

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What Our Clients Say

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