CCTV Security Camera System Installation in North Bondi NSW

A customer in North Bondi needed a CCTV security camera system installed for his home. His main concern was monitoring his second car, which is usually parked on the street in front of his house. Additionally, he wanted to view the house’s entrance and the garage. In total, three security cameras were required.

The first camera was installed above the garage gate at a height easily accessible to passersby, so we opted for a vandal-resistant dome camera. The second camera was installed under an eave, a bit farther away to view the garage, so we selected a bullet camera with long-range infrared capabilities. For the third security camera, placed at the entry, we installed a turret camera that is aesthetically pleasing for residential areas.

All the cables were routed to the study room, where we placed the CCTV recorder and monitor for local viewing. We also connected the recorder to the customer’s internet modem, enabling remote viewing of his security cameras via his mobile phone and tablet.

CCTV Security Camera System Installation in North Bondi

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