Video feed clarity and resolution are essential when it comes to security cameras. Their entire job is to monitor your property, capture video footage to use later, and deter crime. A security camera is no good if it can’t catch a smooth, clear video? You shouldn’t skimp when it comes to getting quality security camera systems for your home or office. When recommending security cameras, HD security cameras are at the top of the list. If it is time to upgrade, they can be something to consider.


Being able to catch clear video is important since these videos can be used as evidence if your business or home is broken in to. If your video is jerky or fuzzy because you are using analog cameras, the evidence isn’t worth anything. Surveillance video resolution has come a long way recently, and now HD security cameras start at 1080p. This means they have a 1920×1080 video resolution. This is on par with the broadcast TV video quality. These cameras used to be very expensive, but now they are entry-level for security camera systems.

HD cameras can record at higher resolutions, which means they can cover a full area. This means you need fewer cameras to cover the same amount of space that you would need more lower resolution cameras to keep an eye on. If you can use a $200 camera to keep an eye on an area instead of 4 $60 cameras, it is cheaper to go with the more expensive camera.

IP Cameras

HD Security Cameras

IP cameras are the industry standard for HD cameras. They offer more expandability in comparison to analog cameras. With analog cameras, you are limited by the number of channels on your DVR. If your DVR only has 4 channels, then you only can have four cameras. You will have to buy a more expensive DVR if you need more cameras. With IP cameras, your system can be as small or large as you want it to be. IP cameras depend on their NVR system and network bandwidth. If your software supports the number of cameras you have, then you are good to go. If you only need eight cameras but want to expand in the future, all you have to do it buy and install the cameras.

Megapixel cameras capture millions of pixels of a single image, which is a lot more than the hundreds of thousands captured by an analog camera. This means that you’re not only recording more area in a video, but you are also able to make out small details that were otherwise blocked or missed by an analog camera. This makes IP cameras more useful because they will capture every detail. Having an HD camera on your porch or out the front of your house can help record vehicles and catch faces on camera to help police catch the thief.


IP cameras are the future of HD video surveillance cameras, and they will be for years to come. Now is the best time to upgrade your security cameras. They are more affordable and easier to install and operate. If you are still using analog cameras, the difference is night and day.

Wrap Up

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